Spiritual Recovery From Addiction

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Addiction And Spirituality: A Higher Power

In the United States, addiction is a common disease that affects an individual’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical sides. Although being physically, emotionally, and spiritually affected by addiction, these terms have no purpose in aiding you to understand treatment in addiction. Addiction treatment is put in place to help a suffering individual overcome and halt their compulsive drug and alcohol-seeking attitude. A life-changing way to combat alcohol and drug dependency is through a spiritual recovery from addiction.

Addiction And Spirituality

Young women comforting a man during addiction And spirituality group sessionIn addition, all sides of an individual’s life are impacted by the use and craving of alcohol and drugs. Those that belief in addiction treatment should understand it also takes time to heal the emotional, spiritual, and physical sides affected by dependency on alcohol or drugs. 

Inactive addiction, there is typically a feeling of absence to the spiritual connection. However, when experiencing a dependency, many individuals aim to seek a spiritual awakening. Becoming spiritual in your recovery can be crucial to staying sober.

Spirituality is present in individuals that are concerned with aligning the human spirit and soul rather than prioritizing material and physical things.

Furthermore, the term “Higher Power” is used as a more accessible term to those who believe in the spiritual realm, regardless of religion.

A “Higher Power” is something you feel is typically out of your control, such as:

  • Fate
  • The Universe
  • Nature
  • Karma

Spiritual activities— like meditating— can help enormously with individuals that are working on overcoming addictions. Additionally, becoming more optimistic in life and developing a higher resilience to stress can help contribute to your spiritual recovery from addiction.

How Addiction And Spirituality Go Hand-In-Hand 

Counselor explaining about how addiction and spirituality go Hand-In-Hand to a coupleRecovering from addiction can vary from individual to individual. Some find that becoming reinvolved in religion or nature can benefit them in ways other events haven’t. 

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to remain spiritually influenced when already addicted. Even more so, not being connected to religion or friends is a common factor impacted by dependency. 

Drug and alcohol dependencies stem from feelings of loneliness, trauma, or dissatisfaction in life. By focusing on a spiritual recovery from addiction with activities such as music, writing, or yoga, you are rediscovering your sense of purpose. Individuals going through recovery find activities that are rewarding or stimulating offer the most support in rehab. 

Substance abuse stems differently for everyone and those who look to create a spiritual recovery should understand it won’t happen overnight. That being said, building a solid support system through your spiritual recovery from addiction is important for long-term recovery. 

Addiction Recovery

The idea of a “Higher Power,” such as God, is not for all. You can find power in things like nature and the universe. Furthermore, there are many avenues in which you can take part to achieve spiritual awakening. Some of those may include:

  • Meditation or yoga 
  • Volunteering
  • Praying
  • Reading
  • Silence
  • Mentorship
  • Personal Reflection
  • Affirmations

Learning to retrain the mind and changing your daily routine can be challenging when you are unsure of the “Higher Power” you believe in. In addition to identifying a Higher Power, it’s important to find your inner peace and balance to continue on the path of recovery.


Those that choose meditation as an avenue to a Higher Power find the practice is focused on slowing down and becoming present within the moment. Through practice, an individual will become more familiar with feelings of gratitude and self-acceptance rather than belittlement.

Through meditation, you focus more intently on sights, sounds, and movements, which helps increase your self-awareness. Then you can identify and address how you are feeling when you become more self-aware.

Furthermore, expressing gratitude in recovery can exhibit your sense of motivation to achieve sobriety. To be grateful through recovery means you feel empowered as an individual and will be less likely to relapse. A positive outlook and mindset can influence your behavior and aid in leading a sustainable recovery-oriented life.

Through addiction recovery, you can become more optimistic and in control of your life as sobriety creates a less stressful environment for all.

12-Step Programs

Counselor helping an individual recover from their dependence on alcohol and drugsIn addiction recovery, It’s pertinent to learn stress-relieving strategies and coping mechanisms that help in the recovery process, such as the 12-steps.

The purpose of the 12-steps is to help an individual recover from their dependency on alcohol or drugs through a series of self-reflective statements. At Kingsway Recovery, we work to create a holistic approach that treats the mind, body, and spirit through a series of the 12-steps.

This idea was originally based on the principles of a spiritual organization. Spirituality is close to self-reflection in that you can still connect with nature or meditate and find inner peace while thinking about your past. Furthermore, an individual will overcome their addiction through elements of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness.

This 12-step guide outlines the next course of action you should take for tackling your addictions, such as alcoholism, through a Higher Power like the universe.

By following these 12-steps and advice from past addicts, you can discover a spiritual recovery from addiction and achieve sobriety.

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